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    We offer new, used, and refurbished equipment
    for lease, purchase, and rent. We have expertise in the healthcare, construction, manufacturing, and wholesale and distribution industries.

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    Lower your operational expenses and reduce the cost of patient care while
    increasing patient satisfaction.

    Learn about Meridian Healthcare


    Stay on track, on budget, and increase the expertise of your team while
    accelerating innovation.

    Learn about Meridian Construction


    Reduce costs of goods sold and simplify supply chain complexity while generating

    Learn about Meridian Manufacturing

    Wholesale & Distribution

    Create the next generation warehouse with automation and robotics and upgrade
    your customer experience.

    Learn about Meridian Wholesale & Distribution


    Meridian Leasing offers leasing and finance solutions as well as subject matter expertise for an extensive range of medical, construction, material handling, and IT equipment. As the leading independent lessor, Meridian Leasing offers guidance about equipment, vendors, and financing alternatives without bias or compromise.


    Discover how Meridian Leasing can help you save money and find the right equipment for your needs.

    Small Organizations and Fortune 500 Companies Trust Meridian Leasing

    • Wholesale & Distribution

      “Meridian is so good at what they do and they have the industry expertise which allows us to focus on what we're good at.”

      GERALD CHEN - CFO, Otter Products
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    • Healthcare

      “Meridian was able to come in and actually provide exactly what we asked for in a very timely manner.”

      PAT LOWTHER - Radiology Director, The Heart of Texas Healthcare System
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    • Wholesale & Distribution

      “Meridian Leasing is the best vendor partner I have ever had a chance to work with in my 22 years at Buchheit. I wouldn't change that relationship one bit.”

      JARED HOTOP - VP of IT & Retail, Buchheit Enterprises
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    • Healthcare

      “Our relationship with Meridian, for me as a CEO, was key in that we had a partner to help us to survive the future of healthcare.”

      KAREN WYBLE - CEO, St. Martin Hospital
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    • Manufacturing

      “Meridian meets Helena's needs in all aspects from the financing, to the logistics, to the advice, and the technical knowledge that they have.”

      VICKIE SMITH - CIO, Helena Agri-Enterprises
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    • Healthcare

      “As part of our mission to provide quality health services, our intent is to maintain state of the art equipment in our clinical operations and Meridian is key to that equation as we plan for equipment migration and we trade up to the most advanced technology available.”

      CHERYL WATHEN - CFO, Deaconess Health System
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